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KCS.Rocks Editor, 1.2

What and why is it?

KCS.Rocks editor is a utility that helps to bear with TinyMCE editor Zendesk uses.
When there are more than five lines of plain text, Zendesk editor really sucks. This was a great motivation to create this tool.

It uses Markdown syntax in order to make article-editing a simpler job.

It also does not support Firefox because reasons. Since this bug is in NEW state for two years already, I can't be even arsed to work around this shit for the next year or so.

How to generate your own copy?

Just clone this repo, run yarn install, yarn build and use files from build folder.
Also, make sure you have Node.js and yarn installed, or you'll be a massive boob.

Can I modify it for my own Zendesk?

Godspeed to ya. I will even add comments eventually just in case somebody will bother.

Why the fuck does it consume that much CPU and RAM?

Most probably because I don't care. Also I don't even think it consumes a lot.

I've seen your godawful code and want to fix it

Be my guest.