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  Aleksandr Bashurov c1330fa007 SQL now can be done in pre 6 months ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov 0d82a6ef09 Fixed .gitignore which for some reason have had release builds included 7 months ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov 209b84a683 Switched back to previous splitter layout 7 months ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov cdc12a496a New features! 7 months ago
  root a17d3fccd3 Spoiler alert! 8 months ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov 1f556ea9ff Build 342 11 months ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov 5f186583c2 Build 328 1 year ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov a2623b5649 Build 327 1 year ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov fefbdb903f Build 315 1 year ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov 2dc71172e4 Build 311 1 year ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov 4c68f65fa0 Build 310 1 year ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov 254ae39e4d Release version; build 302 1 year ago
  Aleksandr Bashurov 40ccc7082f Layout is build, architecture is somewhat ready. Final 80% lie ahead. 1 year ago
  abashurov ce706ae657 Initial commit 1 year ago